100% recycled steel. No new iron is mined from the earth to make the M Brace.
We are very proud of this, and would not have made the M Brace® any other way!

We make the M Brace® right here in the USA! Currently our factory is in Galt, CA. Other US locations could be added as the need arises.

So many combinations work! Our favorite for the M Brace® is two 2”x6” boards stacked on each side. You can also use three 2”x4” stacked, or how about stacking one 2”x8” and one 2”x6”? You get the idea!

We had the M Brace® engineered to hold up to 12’ on a side, but it is VERY difficult to find truly straight 12 foot boards, so we recommend using boards up to 10 feet long, and any width that complements that length. Keep in mind that you want to be able to reach the center of your raised bed to comfortably plant, weed and harvest.

Yes! It was designed to do just that…becoming beautiful garden art in the process. We want to be sure that, many years from now, our M Braces® (and Squiggle Stakes, and Edgers, and Mini’s) will not be clogging up landfills, but instead will be slowly transforming into their original element: iron.

No. The M Brace® was designed to be built on a flat, level surface such as dirt, decomposed granite, sand, cement, grass or decking.

If you terrace the hillside into level sections the M Brace® will work beautifully!

Just slide the boards out of the brace, and put the braces and boards in their new location. You can also change the length and width in the same way.

For extra stability, you can put a gutter spike (large nail) in this hole, but it is not necessary.

Depending on the conditions in your area, the wood will expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture. Remember those old raised beds put together with bolts and nails and screws? They prevent the wood from moving, and this causes the wood to crack and twist as it tries to expand and contract against constraints. The M Brace® was designed to hold the wood gently so it CAN move slightly. Also, because you are not piercing the wood, moisture cannot enter the board, so it should last longer.